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汉语学堂 Chinese Classroom

Show me,I see ;

Teach me,I know;

Involve me,I understand.

Here I 'd like to share some typical proverbs of Education to inspire more coming students who are interested in Chinese study.
成语故事 Idiom Stories
名落孙山 Failing to Pass on Examination
百发百中 A Hundred Shots, a Hundred Bull's-Eyes
黔驴技穷 The Guizhou Donkey Has Exhausted Its Tricks
拔苗助长 To Pull up the Seedlings to Help Them Gro
中文谚语 Chinese Proverbs
不善始者不善终 A bad beginning makes a bad ending.
创业容易守业难 It is easy to open a shop but hard to keep it always open.
与其说,不如做 Doing is better than saying.
火中取栗 Pull the chestnut out of fire.
笑话 Jokes
借牛 Borrowing a Cow
换靴子 Not a Pair Either
流行词语 Fashion Words
猫和“猫” Cat and Moderm
三字经 Three-Character Primer
寓言故事 Fable Stories
儿子与邻居 The son and the Neighbor
井底之蛙 The Frog in the Shallow Well
愚公移山 How Yu Gong Moved Away Two High Mountains
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