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笑话 Jokes
Not a Pair Either
【笑话】 某人有一双厚底靴和一双薄底靴。一天早晨,他错将一只厚底靴和一只薄底靴穿在脚上。他出门去办事,走在路上只觉得一只脚高,一只脚低,非常不舒服。他诧异地说: “ 真奇怪,今天我的腿怎么变得一长一短了? ”
路上有人提醒他说: “ 你是穿错了靴子啦。 ”
他听了这话,急急忙忙回家去换靴子。可是,他到家一看,想了一想: “ 不用用换啦,家里地也是一厚一薄。 ”
【翻译】A man had two pairs of boots, one with thick soles and the other with thin soles. One morning, he made the mistake of putting one of each of the boots on. While walking, he felt very uncomfortable. "How strange! How is it that my legs aren't the same length today?" He said to himself in surprise.
A passer-by told him, "your boots aren't a pair."
Hearing this he hurried home to change boots. But when he got home and saw the other boots, he thought for a moment and said, "There's no need to change. These other two are not a pair either. One is thick and the other thin."
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