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笑话 Jokes
Borrowing a Cow
【笑话】 某人想向一个财主借牛,于是派仆人给财主送去一封借牛的信。财主正陪着客人,怕客人知道自己不识字便装模作样的看信。他一边看,一边不住的点头,然后抬头对来人说: “ 知道了,过一会儿我自己去好了。 ”
【翻译】 A man once wanted to borrow a cow from a wealthy man, so he had his servant send a note to the wealthy man. The rich man, who was entertaining some guests, took the note, afraid guests knew he was an illiterate, so he pretended to be able to read it. When reading it he nodded his head repeatedly.
"I know," the rich man said to the messenger, "I'll go myself in a moment."
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