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成语故事 Idiom Stories
The Guizhou Donkey Has Exhausted Its Tricks
This idiom is used to mean that one has exhausted one's skills.
例句 Examples :

1 . 在这件事情上他已经黔驴技穷了。
zài zhè jiàn shìqing shang tā y ǐ jing qián l ǘ jì qióng le.
He has already been at his wit's end in this matter just like “the proverbial donkey in ancient Guizhou has exhausted its tricks” or a person who has exposed his limited ability

2 . 真没想到我也有黔驴技穷的时候。
zhēn méi xi ǎ ngdào w ǒ yě y ǒ u qián l ǘ jì qióng de shíhou.
I've never thought myself at my wit's end just like " the proverbial donkey in ancient Guizhou has exhausted its tricks".



In ancient times there were no donkeys in Guizhou Province. Somebody brought a donkey from somewhere and tied it to a tree at the foot of a mountain. A tiger saw the donkey, and thought that it must be a fearsome monster. It hid behind a tree and spied on the donkey.When the donkey brayed,the tiger was frightened, thinking that the donkey was about to devour it. After a while,seeing that the donkey had not moved, the tiger approached it and teased it. The donkey became angry, and kicked the tiger. The tiger thought to itself:"Is that all it is capable of?" It then jumped on the donkey and ate it.


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