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寓言故事 Fable Stories
The son and the Neighbor
【笑话】 从前宋国有个富人。一天,一场倾盆大雨冲坏了他家的围墙。 这个富人的儿子说: " 如果我们不把墙修好的话,一定会惹来盗贼。一位住在隔壁的老人也这样劝说富人。 当天晚上,这个富人的家里果然来了盗贼,被偷去许多财宝。富人一家都夸赞儿子的聪明,却对邻居老人产生了怀疑。 韩非子
【翻译】 In the state of Song lived a rich man. A heavy downpour caused the wall of his house to crumble. "If the wall is not mended," pointed out his son, "we'll have thieves coming in." The old man next door said the same thing. At night, his house was really burgled and he lost many of his valuables. The whole family of the rich man praised the cleverness of their boy but was suspicious about the old man next door. Han Feizi.
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