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汉语学堂 Chinese Classroom

Here Vicky is going to share her experience with mandarin teaching -- TPR ( Totally Process Presentation).

Starting from students's interest,let them enjoy being in an easy atmosphere of TPR activities(through game or role play),as the same time,teacher can also benefit from the delight of class.

趣味汉语 Cool Chinese
成语故事 名落孙山
Idiom Stories Failing to Pass on Examination The Guizhou Donkey Has Exhausted Its Tricks
中文谚语 不善始者不善终 遗臭万年
Chinese Proverbs A bad beginning makes a bad ending A bad thing never dies
笑话 换靴子 借牛
Jokes Not a Pair Either Borrowing a Cow
流行词语 炒鱿鱼
Fashion Words modem out of work
寓言故事 儿子与邻居
FableStories The son and the Neighbor How Yu Gong Moved Away Two High Mountains
三字经 人之初,性本善;性相近,习相远  
Three-Character Primer    
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