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Temple of Heaven

Dozens of kilometers southeast to the Imperial Palace, there is a huge altar temple, the Temple of Heaven. The total acreage of the Temple of Heaven is 2700 thousand square meters, it is four times greater than the Imperial Palace. In China, the emperor is called the "Godson", that is why the size of the residence of son dares not to exceed that of God.

The Temple of Heaven is located on the axle wire, the most southern wall is in square shape, standing for the Earth, while most northern wall is in a semi-circle shape, standing for heaven; this design comes form the concept of "heaven round earth square".

The famous Qinian Palace is at the most northern part, this is the grandest, most brilliant and most dazzling architecture, and people used to believe that here, is nearest to heaven.

The Temple of Heaven is also famous for its marvelous echo. If you stand in the center of Huanqiu Altar and shout, you will hear a strong and clear echo from the deep part of the earth, or from the heaven, thus people give it a mysterious name, "Heaven Heart Rock".


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