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The Great Wall

The Great Wall,more than a hundred thousand kilometers long, is a huge Chinese dragon and the best, greatest and grandest work in the whole human history,which convolves on the ridges of mountains and desert.

The Great Wall is well-known because of its magnificent majestic appearance. Now, in the call of "Loving our China, repairing our Great Wall", many places of The Great Wall have been repaired, which makes it more boundless. The Great Wall has become the head key point of interest in China. More and more foreign people are attracted by it. The people who visited it are all acclaim as the peak of perfection.

It's made up of city gates, circumvallation, enemy towers, signal beacon towers and so on, it was the martial recovery engineering system of the different place and nations in China Long time ago. It was built through several thousands years by Chinese people, it's the embodiment of the Great power and strong purpose of Chinese people. It has become the irradiant treasure of our Chinese archaic civilization.

Many moving stories have taken place between the people inside and outside the Great Wall in the long-term wars and social intercourse, and it has been attracting many bookmen to paint it, which added so many cantos and paints to our artistic thesaurus.

Now we have several parts opening for tourists :BaDaling,MuTianyu,JunYongguan


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