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Stay in BeiJing / Shopping Areas of BeiJing
Hong Qiao Market

In the south central area of Beijing, this indoor market is popular with foreign students.  It is a good source of extremely cheap no-name or fake brand electronics, sunglasses, batteries, watches etc.  Bargaining also required. 

This market is located in the south central area of Beijing, just to the east of the Temple of Heaven. It is an indoor mall with a seafood market in the basement and about 3 floors up. It is filled mainly with cheap electronic goods like portable CD players, vcd players, camcorders, batteries, sunglasses, electronics, household phones.

The items for sale are less brand conscious and tend to be from real "no-name" Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Thai companies. The quality does not look good but at the prices they're going for, does it matter if it lasts just 6 months ? You could often buy 10 of the items in question for the price of one real name brand in a department store.

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