Definition to Feminism

Feminism is the one or two hours you wait up for your Female companion;

Feminism is the sweat you generate when escorting your lady friend for shopping;

Feminism is the bills your heart ache about when paying for those girlie things;

Feminism is the fancy condos (condominium
分户出售公寓大厦)and decors (装饰;装璜) you'd never go near without a future bride's pressure;

Feminism is the farewell to never washed bowls and pairs of smelling socks when there wasn't a woman shouting at your back;

Feminism is the ever-lasting hard work you endure for whole life to build up your personal assets, just for the pride she feel when comparing you to other dumbs similar to you.

Feminism is the fight you never win once, and even worse, every time you're the one who takes the blame.

Feminism is the half of your life time endeavour, plus your own flesh and bone, that are ripped of from you when she kiss-not and goodbye.

Feminism is the cycle in which we'd never learnt our lessons taught by our counter sex.

Feminism is the hell we would rather regard as heaven and we muddleheaded (
混乱, 头脑糊涂)all love whole heartily about.