Cut that out

Three guys are in a bar discussing how much their wives bitch at them. They
decide that when they get home, they'll  do everything that the women ask.

The next weekend, they are in the same bar.

The first guy says "Man, I don't think that our idea was  so great! I was sitting on the couch watching TV, and I dropped my cigarette on the couch. My wife said why don't  you burn the whole house down? That place is still

The second guy said "That ain't nothing.  I was working  on the car, and dropped my wrench and it nicked the fender. She said why don't you tear the whole car apart? It took me all night."    

The third guy said "You guys don't have nothing on me. When I walked in the door, my wife was doing the dishes,  and I felt a little romantic. I reached down, and grabbed her crotch, she said "Cut that out!"
Ever seen one of  these real close?